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Become A Reiki Master

Next 16 Week Course Starts July 12th


Places are still available but filling up fast - call The Awareness Shop on (845) 255-5756 to find out more or reserve your space.

Learning Reiki is a serious commitment.
It is a healing art taught in stages or degrees, that are accompanied by attunements. Each attunement brings about new cleansings and helps us to deal with our Karma. Reiki will help you to love yourself & know yourself on a deeper level.

Reiki differs from other laying on of hands healing because of its use of physical positions to apply the energy over and through the Chakra system. Also, it is different due to the fact that the healer is required to be opened and attuned by the degree process. The opening or attunement process works from the top or Crown chakra downward. The Reiki energy flows in this manner throughout each healing as well.

Reiki is one of the most effective methods we currently have for transferring the energy. Reiki uses life force energy to heal the body, mind and spirit. Sometimes negative energy is caught in the person's etheric body, or the person has a block. In instances like this you can combine your Reiki with crystals and remove the block or negative energy and perform Psychic Surgery on the etheric body or Aura.

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What can Astrology Offer Me?

IllustratedAstrologyChartWho am I?

Can Astrology really help me understand my inner me?  

Lisa is teaching a 6 week course starting Jan.30th So you too can speak this language. click here for more information

          Astrology is an ancient esoteric science and in times gone bye there was no difference between Astrology and Astronomy. If you were a student of one, you were a student of the other. It was understood we were made of stardust and that if we looked to the heavens we could certainly find the answers to life’s great mysteries. Perhaps we as a race were seeking to understand the “big good thing”. So we gave the heavenly bodies the names of Deities. This way we would be able to keep the great stories, myths, and energies, alive with in us and understood by for many generations to come. But, somewhere along the line these two great studies became separated.  Many of us have forgotten that we are made of stardust. We are all too focused on keeping up with the rat race, and sometimes it really feels like those rats are winning. Maybe we don’t know how to find answers to important questions like – What are my true strengths and weaknesses? Who would make the best life partner for me? What career path would be best for me to follow? Or even what foods should I eat to make me more healthy? 

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Invoking The Goddess

Here is a short preview of Invoking the Goddess (Charge of The Goddess/Ancient Mother) from Lisa's new album, Circle In A Box. Enjoy!

Speak to the Other Side with Tina

Channelling Sessions with Tina From Spiritual Journeys

tinavesely.jpgEver wonder what the Spirit World has to say? Could there be a message for you? Find out as psychic medium, healer, teacher and spiritual counselor Tina delivers evidential messages from the Other Side.

Tina will be reading from 12-4pm on Saturday June 11th.  Sessions are $40 for half an hour, appointments are strongly reccommended.

About Tina:

Tina and her Mom, Charlene, (who's now in spirit), were regular faces at The Awareness Shop almost since the day we opened. It became immediately obvious that both of them were naturally gifted psychics, with an uncanny talent for channeling. Over the years, a friendship developed and, with encouragement and guidance from Lisa, Tina worked to develop her mediumship abilities to become one of the most respected psychic mediums around. Today Tina runs Spiritual Journeys, a wonderful little metaphysical store in Milford, PA where she provides her much needed services to the local community.

We are thrilled to be able to welcome our dear friend back to The Awareness Shop for this "not to be missed" messages-from-the-other-side circle.

For more details, or to confirm your booking, please call the store at (845) 255-5756

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