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What can Astrology Offer Me?

IllustratedAstrologyChartWho am I?

Can Astrology really help me understand my inner me?  

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          Astrology is an ancient esoteric science and in times gone bye there was no difference between Astrology and Astronomy. If you were a student of one, you were a student of the other. It was understood we were made of stardust and that if we looked to the heavens we could certainly find the answers to life’s great mysteries. Perhaps we as a race were seeking to understand the “big good thing”. So we gave the heavenly bodies the names of Deities. This way we would be able to keep the great stories, myths, and energies, alive with in us and understood by for many generations to come. But, somewhere along the line these two great studies became separated.  Many of us have forgotten that we are made of stardust. We are all too focused on keeping up with the rat race, and sometimes it really feels like those rats are winning. Maybe we don’t know how to find answers to important questions like – What are my true strengths and weaknesses? Who would make the best life partner for me? What career path would be best for me to follow? Or even what foods should I eat to make me more healthy? 

Well, the ancient esoteric science of astrology can help us find out everything we want to know. But first, we have to learn to speak this language. You see we all have these answers right at our fingertips, if we know how to see it, how to read it, how to interpret it.  Most everyone at one time or another has read their horoscope and connected, or not with what was being predicted for them. The issue is that there is so much more to your blue print (your natal chart information) than just your sun sign.
To truly understand your souls mission, or what makes you tick, you will need to know the other pieces of your personal blue print. Each person, while they may have the same sun sign (the constellation the sun is in when they are born) they have other parts of their chart that are unique an individual to them, even more unique than a fingerprint. You see no two people are born at the exact time, in the exact same place. Even twins are at minimum seconds apart and even those few seconds can change many things in their individual horoscope. This personal birth blue print is called a natal chart – meaning it is the snapshot in time for when you were born of all the planets, the place they occupied and the energies they were hosting. This snapshot can tell us everything we need to know to make the very most of our current incarnation. We can glean information about our family structure, our personal likes and dislikes, how we can succeed and what pitfalls may be in store for us to avoid.  We can look at it in a very simple and elemental way, i.e. is this person fiery, an airhead, full of water works or stuck in the mud. But, even the four elementals can become very complex, just ask Carl Jung. Or we can look deeper into complex aspects to find even more intimate information. You can learn to speak the language of astrology so well, that you can see things you never thought would be possible to know about yourself or someone else, like details of events in early childhood, where you should live in order to thrive, if there is a certain skill being offered or when you will meet a significant person in your life.  Again each person’s soul mission is their own journey and each person’s individual astrological blue print offers them a personal gps. to navigate through that journey. The more you understand the parts of the print the more insight you will gain to help you know your truth.
Have you ever thought about how you could have several friends that are the same star sign (sun sign)?  Yet they are so very different, they look so different (their rising sign). They think and communicate so differently (Mercury). They deal with things so differently emotionally (Moon, Venus, Mars) I think you are starting to get the picture (pun intended).
    So now, just when you thought “ I get it, I’ve got this down, you have a natal chart produced and you have learned to analyze it…then you realize…Your chart is a snapshot, a still, but… the planets are in constant motion, that’s right they are showing us a video. They are on their journeys thru the cosmos. Can they affect us differently on a daily basis? You bet cha. Think about it, the Moon affects the tides, and after all we are made of stardust and water. Have you ever heard the term lunacy?  Everyday the sun rises in a different placement, every night the moon rises in a different placement, and so on through the heavenly procession.  So, what can we do now?
Well, we can go back to the snapshot, the blueprint, and start with the rising sign (the constellation that was on the horizon at the time of your birth) and we can see where the planets are now in comparison. We can analyze what the planets are moving through, touching, shining energy on or overshadowing. By understanding both a natal chart and the transiting planets, we can see not only what makes us tick, but now we can see what opportunities or disruptions are in the picture.  We can learn even more handy detours to navigate thru time and gain life experiences that will be truly meaningful.
There are a load of great books out there offering information on astrology. There are people who are well versed in the language offering classes, myself included, but I warn you, the more you learn the more addicted you will become. Many people have started out poo pooing the validity of this ancient esoteric science. They get into it just to prove it wrong. Those are the people that end up being great astrologers, they amaze themselves with all they can find and decode. But I suggest starting with the basics. Have a natal chart and report interrupted for you, or take a basic class to learn how to see all you have to offer yourself.  Wouldn’t it be great to find out how to truly understand who you are and how to live your truth? But soon you will want to look deeper and deeper into your psyche and understand in great detail everything going on around you.  You will be speaking the language on a daily basis, understanding things you never thought you could. You will attempt to “astrologize” everything. But, everything comes back to astrology anyway right? For a very long time man has depended on the planets and the four elements for all kinds of things. We plant by the Moon; we worship the Sun, and understand that to everything there is a season. We march thru the ages together hoping to find inner peace. So, as we embrace the “Age of Aquarius” together, the true age of the stars, remember all that astrology has to offer, information for health, wealth, love, and spirituality. What more could you be seeking? Brightest Blessings.

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