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Monthly Magick

Monthly Magick for January 2014

Store owner and Wiccan High Priestess, Lisa, details & descibes the focus of magickal energies for the coming month.

I am going to try to keep up with this from month to month so you can build your personal Book of Shadows and stay in touch with the astrological energies being offered to us,

1/5 Cancer Full Moon ­ Cancer Moon energies are great for healing and house blessing. This month we have 2 separate kits to work this magick with.
A healing spell kit which comes with a healing mist made with rosemary and other secret ingredients, a jar of hand blended herbs, a clear quartz with a blue star pouch and a water candle (cancer¹s element) Full instructions are included and the kit comes in a beautiful dark blue organza pouch. 
We are also offering a Hogmanay (a Scottish tradition) House Blessing Kit. It comes with palo-santo, two crystals, sea salt, and a mini taper. Full instructions are also included. 

1/13 Libra Waning Moon (last quarter) This is a good time to think about balance, or releasing negativity. Libra is ruled by Venus and can sometimes bring about karmic energies or see justice be served. If you are working on a court case or letting go of old hurts this is a good moon phase and astrological energy to work in. Use a Libra or a Justice candle in your rite and as the flame burns down see the waning moon working your magick.

1/20 Capricorn New Moon: We are offering a prosperity kit for this Moon. Capricorn is one of the most practical signs of the zodiac, and you can harness this energy to build your business and boost your financial profile. Our Prosperity kit includes: A golden tigers eye, a crystal spiral, prosperity bath salts, a handmade Capricorn votive and of course full written instructions. (get this started before the mercury retrograde) 

1/27 Taurus Waxing (first quarter) Taurus is also ruled by Venus, but since the moon is waxing it is a good time to build. We suggest this is a good time to work on finding true love or renew the love you already have. A Taurus,  a Love or a heart chakra candle or all three would be great to use in your ritual. As the heat of the candle strengthens see your love connection strengthening. 

Imbolc is Feb. 1st -   I love to look at the waxing crescent in January and February, it looks like the edge of a pregnant belly or a bowl.  This is a good time to bless the candles you will use for the coming year in the glow of your Yule tree fire. Or perhaps choose the Leo full moon to do your candle blessing ritual. I am offering a Candle Magick Class Thursday night 2/5 7pm

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