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AlgizAugust 2013

Water Signs (Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces)

Algiz: Algiz is the rune of of protection and our connection with other-worldly forces. At first glance, these qualities may seem unrelated, but consider how we connect with the divine. Our very sense of security is intrinsically linked with our faith. Through this, we gain a sense that we are inherently safe. Algiz is the rune of courage in the face of fear. Water ones, you are being called upon this month to face what truly shakes you up. You are, in a sense, moving through the fear and pain of your experience, and allowing healing to begin. From a practical perspective. Algiz speaks of close friendships. It suggests supportive friends who always "have your back." Now is a great time to express how grateful you are for their friendship. It sometimes indicates the blossoming of a new friendship, one that will be quite satisfying (if not significant). Algiz can also describe friends who have crossed over, but still offer support and protection form the other side. Find comfort in knowing that they are here with you, in spirit.

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