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Psychic Consultations


Psychic Consultations in Person

Our readings are done in private settings with care and compassion. A Psychic Reading should be a positive experience, offering you a much clearer perspective of what’s going on around you.

For a psychic reading in person, we invite you to visit The Awareness Shop at 180 Main St. New Paltz, NY!

Walk-ins are welcome, but appointments are recommended. To schedule your consultation please call (845) 255-5756. We have readers in during shop hours 7 days a week but, if you have a specific reader in mind, you should call ahead to check their scheduled hours. If you cannot make it into the shop, you may call to schedule a phone consultation.

All of our Psychics have been interviewed by Lisa Stewart the shop owner. She has them read for her as their interview and she would never align with a psychic who she feels is not genuine.

In person readings are cash on the day. Phone readings are paid for by credit card. There are no exceptions to this payment policy.

In Person: Half hour appointment: $50 or Full hour appointment: $90

By Phone: Half hour appointment: $55 or Full hour appointment: $100


Reading Hours (Subject to availability):

Monday through Thursday 12-8:30
Friday through Sunday 12-5:30 

Just call (845) 255-5756

Again, walk –ins are welcome, but an appointment is recommended if you want a specific psychic.

More Information:

Your tarot, oracle or rune reading is guided by your query. A half hour appointment will allow for an overview of the upcoming 6 months, or focus on a single question. The full hour goes into greater detail, for either a general, past, present, future or to examine deeply a specific issue and can offer insight for up to a full year. 

Tarot is our most important divinatory tool. It offers in depth insight and as a divinatory art it has historical significance. There are only a few places left where you can go to take part in an authentic psychic reading given with this beautiful esoteric pictorial guide. Oracles are a different number of cards and are themed. Runes are Norse in origin and their etchings call forth information.

What happens in a Reading:

  • People come to the tarot for a range of issues: Health, relationship, family, career, personal and spiritual development, just to name the most common. Whatever the issue, an ethical tarot reader is always respectful of you and privacy. Our readers work to offer you confidentiality and honesty. Tarot readings are held in a private room, so you have complete privacy. 
  • To get the most from your experience with us please be mindful of these guidelines:
  • Let the reader know if you have a topic of interest, a specific question or would just like a general reading.
  • Understand the information given to you is focused on a 3 month to 1 year time frame.
  • Asking for information to manipulate the free will of another is not permitted. 
  • In some cases, other professional advice may be offered along with the reading to our clients, such as a mental health counselor, a medical professional, a lawyer or a financial advisor.
  • You may record your reading, but we have found through experience that more details come forward from spirit when the querent takes notes on the paper provided.
  • All readings are conducted with the client alone, unless translation or physical support is necessary. Some readers offer couples readings, meaning you are sharing a reading and are actually a committed couple, the price for this service is different as well. 
  • All fees are paid prior to any reading. In the rare event that the reader is unable to read for a client, the reader informs the client promptly, and the fee is refunded in full. 
  • Clients may terminate a reading within the first 10 minutes, in this case the fee is refunded in full. If the reading goes for any longer or for the entire length of the booked session, no money will be returned as you have used the readers time and they could not take another paying client. 
  • If you miss 3 booked appointments - you will be on a “walk-ins” only list. This way you may not take time away from another client who may really need the counsel.

knight-of-cups.jpgPhone Readings

Our Psychics take their work very seriously and are totally committed to providing you with quality advice and detailed information. Unlike certain "Psychic Hotlines" which charge many times more (and only pay their readers a few cents!), our readers do not ask you lengthy questions before you start to keep you on the phone as long as possible. In your half hour session all you will get is the best our readers can offer. We are sure that once you have tried it, you will want to recommend it to your friends.

Just give us a call: 845-255-5756
Phone Readings $55 1/2 hr. or $100 for an hr.
Phone Consultations available during store hours only.

the-magician.jpgOnline Readings

Lisa - Shop owner and professional Psychic for over 30 years - is offering readings online. This way you can get a reading no matter where you live or how hectic your schedule.

Here's how it works:

One Question Reading

You may do a 1 question reading via email. This costs $20 per question and Lisa will answer it by using 3 cards and her psychic intuition. She will record a video or your reading and send it to you via email.

Some people live far away, even in different time zones and would still like to be able to consult Lisa so this is how you should proceed if you would like a recorded online reading.

First think about the question or concerns that you wish Lisa to focus while doing your reading.  It is important to Lisa that you to make the most of your time with her, this is why she asks for a focus. Sometimes you may have very specific questions and other times you might just feel you need some information in general. You can either list questions or make a statement such as the issue is work/career or romance and relationships or health, you choose the areas of your life that you would like Lisa to be mindful of as she divines your information.

Even if you have no specific questions a reading can be a very helpful tool to making the best of opportunities or challenges.

Online Readings are available from:



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