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There is always Magick in the Air at the Awareness Shop where every Pagan on the Path can find multiple outlets for his/her devotional, spiritual, magickal and educational requirements. Besides offering a wide variety of materials for all ritual and magickal needs, the Awareness Shop has created a community setting by holding events where Pagans can assemble to express their common practices and beliefs. The store is a meeting ground for Pagans who want to pursue and explore their Paths within a warm and friendly setting. Shop owners HPS Lisa Stewart and HP Anton Stewart, with a combined experience of over 30 years following a  Wiccan tradition, monitor events to ensure accuracy and quality of all materials provided. You will find them to be reliable and friendly sources of Pagan information and tradition.


Sabbats: As the wheel of the year turns, Pagans celebrate eight holidays, known as Sabbats, which follow the annual cycle of the Earth’s seasons. Public circles are held to celebrate Sabbats where small plays are used to explain the Sabbat’s corresponding myth and a night of ritual, singing and dancing is performed to honor the Holiday.


Esbats: A ritual observance of the Full Moon, New Moon, Waning and Waxing Moons are known as  Esbats. These public gatherings are held every Friday night.These are nights of Magick when the time is perfect for celebrating and reveling in accomplishments.These public circles are themed by the appropriate zodical corospondence. And if weather permits, can be held under a moonlit sky and around a stone and wooden altar in the Awareness Shop’s outdoor circle.When weather isn’t permitting, the Shop’s Annex is the indoor venue and seats are limited so call ahead for your seat!

The Witches Tea Party: is the perfect setting for you to develop your own psychic abilities in a friendly, non-judgemental setting. Hosted by Dovan, the Witches Tea Party is held at The Awareness Shop to benefit The Church Of The Eternal Circle. Develop your psychic abilities by joining our group divination in a friendly, non-judgemental setting - both in person and online. In person meet every Tuesday from 5:00 to 8:30 pm - Online on facebook Weds. evenings  - all are welcome (you don't even need to be a witch)


There is something at the Awareness Shop for every Pagan and every Seekerwanting to explore Paganism.Providing a warm and community setting, The Awareness Shop provides the ideal environment in which people can fully express their spirituality.Come,visit, explore and Blessed Be!!


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