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Lisa - Psychic, Shop Owner, Reiki Master, Spiritual Counselor, IET Master teacher and Wiccan High Priestess

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Lisa - Psychic, Shop Owner, Reiki Master, Spiritual Counselor, IET Master teacher and Wiccan High Priestess



Merry Meet,

We are so glad that you happened to connect with this special place in the world we have been given to look after. Many years ago when I was only 22 (an interesting #), I began to open up to this wonderful, magickal way of life. Never kid yourself - this path is not easy, but the rewards considerably outweigh the strife. I began by working with crystals and studying the old ways. Then major doorways began to open (like Tiphereth), and I was awakened to many other divination tools and allowed to help others on their way. The Tarot seems to have been the tool that is the most direct and precise for me.  I started a with small study group in my home. Over the years I seemed to be pushed more and more to grow and work in the light. I have studied many religions only to find that, for me personally, they all lead to the ancient ways that speak so strongly to me. In 1993 I was able to open a small shop in Clintondale, 1995 I opened at Cherry Hill in New Paltz, We moved to 180 Main St. in 1997 and many amazing people joined the ranks to help. In 1998 I met my soulmate and our circle just keeps growing.

I have been reading for over 30 years and am a  Clairaudient Psychic (telepathically hear the information from your spirit guides). Unfortunately this means the spirits speaking dislike taping, but pen and paper are provided. Whether your questions concern spiritual matters, business or financial consulting, relationship counseling, or health issues, I use Rider-Waite Tarot, along with psychometry, to retrieve accurate insights. As your life is illuminated to me, I use practical humor to discuss methods of coping or planning for the best results. A reading should be a positive experience that helps you to avoid negative events by alerting you to them. A consultation can help you to gain a much clearer perspective of what’s going on around you. Even if you have no specific questions a reading can open your conscious mind to things hidden in the subconscious. At the end of a session you will be GIVEN crystals that can help to draw to you that which you need.

All of our Psychics have been interviewed by Lisa Stewart the shop owner. She has them read for her as their interview and she would never align with a psychic who she feels is not genuine. In person readings are cash on the day. Phone readings are paid for by credit card. There are no exceptions to this payment policy. 

In Person: Half hour appointment: $50 or Full hour appointment: $90

*In person readings are cash only - you will be given a receipt.

By Phone: Half hour appointment: $55 or Full hour appointment: $100

Also keep in mind that if you can’t make it into the shop, I am available for readings by phone or online.

Astrology Readings

Astrology is best described as an Esoteric Science. This reading can be very enlightening and helpful. It will give you an explanation of why things happen to you the way they do, how you can avoid negative things that may arise and how best to harness other planetary energies to move ahead and grow. Readings are done from your Natal Chart, that you will get to keep. To calculate your chart I will need your date, exact time and place of birth at least 2 weeks in advance, as the charts are printed on computer but interpreted by hand. A lot of thought and care goes into this. The first 1/2 of the reading we will go over your strengths & weaknesses and how best to use your personal planetary energies. In the second 1/2 we will cover where the planets are now versus your birth chart and what can be expected from this configuration. With the current state of planetary play we can look for the best times to work in specific areas. You can request a focus, such as career, what would be best for you to do based on your planetary influences. Romance, who is best for you as a partner or Health issues etc.

1/2 hour session in person add $45 to the following
Natal Chart Report - $30
Transits 3 months $20
Transits 6 months $30
Transits 1 year $50
Composite chart with report $30
Compatibility report $30

Please Note: A Non-refundable deposit is required - it’s a lot of work.

Open Circles

New Moon Teaching Circles - These gatherings have a specific focus based on the astrological influence of the evening. You might be asked to take part in the ritual. Usually a craft is involved.

Full Moon Circles - These are more serious circles, given only by shop ‘familiars’, intended to get you acquainted with the ‘old ways’ and traditions of the path.

Sabbat Celebrations - Come and join us, in a safe environment, as we honor the Ancient Ones and the ever turning Wheel

Sometimes there will be suggested donations for these circles to cover the cost of materials, a guest speaker, Cakes & Ale or just to keep our circle going. We are very dedicated to our craft, feel free to ask any of us question.


Download Lisa's Bio (pdf) 


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