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For January 2021


By Lisa

Lisa prepares her Tarotscopes by drawing a tarot card for each sign of the zodiac and, taking into account the coming astrological transits for the month ahead, meditates on each tarot card to receive a message for each star sign.

If you have never read your Tarotscope before, you may well be in for a surprise! We are constantly getting calls and emails at the store telling us how "this month's tarotscope could have been written just for me" or asking things like "how could you know?"


Tarotscopes for January 2021

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius! Yes, the past 60 years have truly been something else. But, that is the way Aquarius operates. So many things have gone on in many levels of development.
When you look to see what Aquarius governs and then compare it to the last 60 years of weirdness, you can truly see the connection to the last tick of the clock into our New Age.
By now you have all read up on the grand conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn in Aquarius, throughout January they remain linked, acting as one. Joining the party in Aquarius are Mercury the second week and the Sun the 3rd. We all await the good news and renewed life that the beginning of 2021 can offer. We still have to deal with some difficult things, but at least there may be better tools to work with after the 20th, when the Sun moves from Capricorn into Aquarius. The last 2 weeks of the month see us gearing up for Mercury retrograde, that will be in effect most of February. Wait till you see what’s happening in February! But for now, let’s continue to look at January. Venus will shift into Capricorn allowing us to make more practical commitments and Mars moves into Taurus. These 2 planets in earth signs should calm things down a bit and allow for us all to focus on what is truly our goal and how to get to it.
Be well, enjoy the energy and let your hair down.


Brightest Blessings - Lisa


To read your tarotscope, click on your star sign below or on the menu to the left...  Enjoy - and don't forget Lisa also does personal online Tarot Readings! - Click Here For Details. Or perhaps you have a burning question and would like simple compassionate advice.  You might want to check out Lisa's One Question $10 readings.  - Click here for details.





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