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Become A Reiki Master

Next 16 Week Course Starts July 12th


Places are still available but filling up fast - call The Awareness Shop on (845) 255-5756 to find out more or reserve your space.

Learning Reiki is a serious commitment.
It is a healing art taught in stages or degrees, that are accompanied by attunements. Each attunement brings about new cleansings and helps us to deal with our Karma. Reiki will help you to love yourself & know yourself on a deeper level.

Reiki differs from other laying on of hands healing because of its use of physical positions to apply the energy over and through the Chakra system. Also, it is different due to the fact that the healer is required to be opened and attuned by the degree process. The opening or attunement process works from the top or Crown chakra downward. The Reiki energy flows in this manner throughout each healing as well.

Reiki is one of the most effective methods we currently have for transferring the energy. Reiki uses life force energy to heal the body, mind and spirit. Sometimes negative energy is caught in the person's etheric body, or the person has a block. In instances like this you can combine your Reiki with crystals and remove the block or negative energy and perform Psychic Surgery on the etheric body or Aura.

Basically Reiki is an energy that is passed or taught much like the game of telephone. That is why methods may vary from teacher to teacher and different things may be taught. We firmly believe that it takes the human body a while adjust to the new Reiki energies which are passed as part of each attunement. For this reason we feel that the, so called, ‘Reiki Warrior weekends’ where all attunements are given almost on top of each other are an impractical and irresponsible way of teaching this ancient healing art.


When seeking a Reiki Master, you should also be mindful of your lineage. Should you choose to be mastered  by me you will be fifth in line from Hawayo Takata, the (now deceased) Grand Master of Reiki.



Reiki Level I

4 Classes each with a separate Attunement - Total $150 for level. You are welcome to pay as you go ($30 due at sign-up and then $30 per week for 4 weeks).

Class 1: What is Reiki and its history.
Your lineage from Hawayo Takata
The Physical Attunement

Class 2: The Chakra System, Aura & Color
The Emotional Attunement

Class 3: Crystal Energy, The Rays & Psychic surgery
The Mental Attunement

Class 4: Hand Placements & Self treatment
The Spiritual Attunement

Reiki I is all about self healing.
You take these 4 sessions and truly get to know yourself on a deeper level. You may also notice that you begin to feel much more connected with the world around you, more at ease and far more able to cope with difficult situations. Most students go thru a purging at this time and can sometimes even actually experience a period of physical illness, as the negative energies and other ‘oogies’, that they have been holding on to, are released.


Reiki Level II

2 Classes &  a 6 week 'hands on' internship 1 Attunement - Total $325 for level. You are welcome to pay as you go ($45 due at sign-up, then $35 per week for 8 weeks).

Reiki II focuses on 'How to Heal Others'. Symbols are given at this Level

Class 1: The Level II Attunement
Cho ku rei & Sei he kei are given
Hand placements to heal others
when they are present

Class 2: Distance Healing for Individuals
Hon sha ze sho nen  is given

At this point all students must partake in hands on training as they work on members of the community. This internship is an invaluable part of the learning process. It allows the student to develop their true style for administering Reiki as well as build confidence that they can share this energy. Seeing it work is the best way to truly understand it. A Master teacher is always present to give
guidance and pointers.



Reiki Level III

4 Classes & Master Teacher's Attunement - Total $525 for level. You are welcome to pay as you go ($125 due at sign-up and then $100 per week for 4 weeks).

Class 1: Reiki Master's Symbol.
Dia ko myo
The Water Ceremony

Class 2: Distance Healing
Reiki Grids
Om Symbol

Class 3: The Reiki Master Teacher's Manual
An immensely valuable resource based on decades of experience

Class 4: How To Teach Reiki
The Attunement Process
How to attune others

As a Reiki Master Teacher you are able to attune others. Upon completion of this level you will be fully qualified to teach this wonderful healing art to others.
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