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Sweet Patchouly Herbal Essential Oil

With Patchouly Leaf. Warm, rich Patchouly with a pleasing Vanilla overtone.

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Sweet Patchouly Herbal Essentials Oil

With Patchouly Leaf. Warm, rich Patchouly with a pleasing Vanilla overtone.

Sun's Eye Herbal Essentials are twelve blends of the most beautiful, lastingly popular and universally loved fragrances, with added dried herbs for vibrational enhancement. These exotic oils can be added to your bath or body oils, used in diffusers and potpourri.

We carry Sun's Eye oils as our house brand and have for over 15 years. They are wonderfully crafted and very reliable. They say that scent is the most enduring of our senses. It commands our attention. It bonds us to our past through scent memories. It can flavor the atmosphere to suit our intentions. It can lift our spirits and elevate vibrations. It can effect our behaviour, our appetite and even our thoughts. Fragrance comforts, heals and can link us to  our imagination. It can be a bridge between reality and fantasy, the material and astral worlds.

Our oils have many uses:

As a perfume - They can be worn on the body or used in a bath. You can make your own soaps, bath salts, lotions, salt scrub, or even massage oil. 

As a room enhancer - Steamed into the air with an oil burner or ring, to bring in the energies of that fragrance. Or try your hand at making you own  natural room spray by diluting them in spring water.

As a ingredient to a spell work - such as dressing a candle for magick, or even making your own scented candles.  Add them to a Mojo or Medicine bag. Many cultures have known and understood the healing uses of oils such as peppermint or clove.  Or even use them in meditation work to enhance an astral travel. And they are great worn on aroma jewelry pads.

All of the ways we suggest could certainly be classed as the art of Aromatherapy, one of the oldest industries in the world. It is the combination of the art, science and magick of using pure essential oils extracted from natural botanicals to bring wellness to mind, body and spirit. These extracted oils are the very essence of the plant from which they came. Please do not confuse them with synthetic fragrance oils. To keep them affordable they are diluted in an almond base carrier oil, but this does not impede their scent or effectiveness.

1/2 fl. oz.
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