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Cerridwen Is Now Available to Pre-order... PDF Print E-mail
Wednesday, 25 February 2015 10:53


So Now We Really Are Super Excited!

Words cannot begin to describe this beautiful statue... Imagined by Lisa (who has honored Cerridwen as her mother goddess for many years), and sculpted by the insanely talented Joe Laudati, this figurine may well bring tears to your eyes.

Individually hand cast by the artist who created this sculpture, each one of these figurines is lovingly finished with painstaking attention detail by Joe Laudati himself.

She stands approximately 11" tall by 5" wide and her hands are portrayed in a manifesting pose, ideally suited to place a candle, crystal or small cauldron beneath them, in order to lend her energies to your magickal working.

We are pleased to announce we are now taking advance orders for Cerridwen. These will be accepted on a first come, first served basis. In other words, orders will be filled in the order they are placed.

Joe tells us that the mold will be ready in about a week or so and then he can begin to individually hand-cast these beautiful statues of our mother goddess, Cerridwen.

Which means she could be with you in just a couple of weeks, perhaps in time for Rites of Spring! )O(


Like we said orders will be filled in the order they are placed. Brightest Blessings.


Place your advance order now, and get special introductory discount! 

To order, or for more details CLICK HERE

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Libra Full Moon PDF Print E-mail

librafmspell2012The Libra Full Moon occurs this year on Saturday, April 4th (2015) at 8:07am EDT. Libra is the sign of balance and justice. It is ruled by the planet Venus and is represented by the Justice Card in the Major Arcana of the Tarot.
It is a great time to work with the Libra energies to draw in Prosperity and release debt, bringing in a balance to our finances and budgets.
What you will need:
Libra Votive candle
A Prosperity Mojo
Prosperity Salts and
A Blank check from the Universe’s bank of prosperity
You will also need a pen and a dollar bill you can spare for I month.


We offer a complete kit of all you need for this working on our online store Click here for more information

Herbal Insights by Avalon PDF Print E-mail

6 - The Lovers

This month features The Lovers - Parsley

Click the card to visit the page!

Calling The Quarters PDF Print E-mail

Here is a short video set to the musical backdrop of Calling The Quarters from Lisa's new album, Circle In A Box. Enjoy!

Monthly Tarotscopes PDF Print E-mail

For February 2015


By Lisa

Lisa prepares her Tarotscopes by drawing a tarot card for each sign of the zodiac and, taking into account the coming astrological transits for the month ahead, meditates on each tarot card to receive a message for each star sign.

If you have never read your Tarotscope before, you may well be in for a surprise! We are constantly getting calls and emails at the store telling us how "this month's tarotscope could have been written just for me" or asking things like "how could you know?"

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