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Guided Meditations

A variety of Guided Meditations...

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As some of you may know, Lisa (the Store Owner) has a knack for leading guided meditations. Not only does she write incredible meditations that paint pictures in your mind's eye, but she also has wonderful voice! 

Over the years, many, many people have asked us to produce guided meditations, so, Lisa is now offering a variety of guided meditations to assist you on your spiritual journey. They are being offered on CD and will include an item that will correspond to the energy of the meditation you choose! 


Volume 1: Cerridwen - Connect to the Welsh Goddess of inspiration & transformation. Mother, Goddess & Witch.

Volume 2: Cernunnos - Connect to the Welsh Horned God of hunters & hunted. Lord of the Forest, of Fey & the ‘other’ world.

Volume 3: Earth - Connect to the element of Earth & its energies of stability, grounding & strength. Elemental Beings ~ Gnomes…

Volume 4:Air - Connect to the element of Air & its energies of intellect, inspiration & thought. Elemental Beings ~ Fairies & Sylphs…

Volume 5: Fire - Connect to the element of Fire & its energies of invigoration, passion & motivation. Elemental Beings: Salamanders & Dragons…

Volume 6: Water - Connect to the element of Water & its energies of cleansing, healing & emotion. Elemental Beings: Undines & Niads…

Volume 7: Healing - Balance mind, body & spirit to maximize your healing potential.

Volume 8: Manifest Your Heart’s Desire

Volume 9: Past Life - Journey to connect to a past life.

Volume 10: Sunlight - Fill your chakras with light for empowerment.

Volume 11: Auric Alchemy - Working through the layers of your aura for revitalization & protection.

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