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Flowerpeadia - Cheralyn Darcey

The language of flowers shares with us the meanings of flowers and we have used this information for centuries to not only better understand our natural environment, but also ourselves.

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This language was developed throughout the centuries and across cultures as a way to pass along vital information about plants and their possible usage. It is based on visual and sensory aspects, such as taste and smell, as well as known usage, environmental and growth behaviour. 

When we use the language of flowers to give floral gifts, fill our spaces with their bouquets or even create botanical infused therapies and products, we can enjoy the emotional connection to these meanings for a possible strengthening or calming influence. This can bring us in balance with ourselves and in harmony with nature and those around us. 

Flowers which align with your sun sign are meant to assist you. Their meanings and attributes may actually challenge you, so don’t be surprised to perhaps see ones mentioned which don’t really please you. While you can use zodiac flowers yourself, by finding your matching flowers, they are also the perfect flowers for gift giving for those born under each sign, either in a fresh bouquet, plant, decorative or cosmetic form. 

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