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Hanah - Intuitive Reader, Priestess & Life Coach

HanahAvailable Wednesdays by appointment

Hanah - Intuitive Reader, Priestess & Life Coach

I have lived long, and I have prospered!

Early on, nearly 50 years ago, I was privileged to be a Psychic Investigator working with scientists who coined the expressions, “ESP”, “PK” and “Parapsychology”.  I co-authored the book, “Test Your ESP”, a book that is still in print today.

I’ve practiced healing techniques as a Licensed Massage Therapist and now I do so as a Life Coach, Tarot & Oracle Reader, counselor and teacher.

As a Priestess and an empath, I connect deeply with others.  My background in Parapsychology gives me a unique understanding of the non-physical universe and the power of positive thought and energy.  In this universe we are all connected to a Great Spirit.  It is this spiritual energy that empowers my life and this work.

Psychic Counseling         
Hanah is offering psychic counseling sessions to assist those who are looking for assistance in their spiritual work, or have questions they may need answered.  Hanah works with a variety of Tarot & Oracle Cards.  Tarot cards allow Hanah to access specific details and outcomes.  Oracle cards allow Hanah to reveal to you hidden stories and emotional aspects you may need assistance with.  After a reading with Hanah you will feel empowered on your spiritual quest.

Women's Empowerment     

Share your sorrows, your joys, your hopes and your wisdom with a group of women dedicated to your well being, your satisfaction and your success. We will study and exchange ideas and information, about such topics as: Psychic Development, Personal Mythology, Dream Interpretation, Goddess Traditions and suggestions for healthy living. Held from 1-4PM every First Saturday of the month for $20.

Life Coaching     
We all experience twists and turns along the road of our life’s journey, Sometimes we reach a point where the road ahead is blocked and there does not appear to be a way around. Hanah will use her skills as an experienced life-coach to help you realize that you already possess the tools and the abilities necessary to circumvent or dismantle the obstacles that lie in your way and move you closer to your goals.  Hanah also offers guidance for career paths through her life coaching.


All of our Psychics have been interviewed by Lisa Stewart the shop owner. She has them read for her as their interview and she would never align with a psychic who she feels is not genuine. In person readings are cash on the day. Phone readings are paid for by credit card. There are no exceptions to this payment policy. 

In Person: Half hour appointment: $50 or Full hour appointment: $90

*In person readings are cash only - you will be given a receipt.

By Phone: Half hour appointment: $55 or Full hour appointment: $100


Call (845) 255-5756 for your appointment


 Download Hanah's Bio (pdf)

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