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Coming Home to the Craft of the Wise

CraftOfTheWiseClassComing Home to the Craft of the Wise

"Not your get Witch Quick Course"


We will be gathering the First Sunday of every month Starting 10/11/2021 and the course will finish a year and a day later 10/11/2022 with a dedication to Cerridwen and Cernunnos 

Included as part of the course are: A robe with a matching pouch, an athame, a cord, a Book of Shadows, handouts for each gathering, Circle in a Box for those who do not already have it, The Heart of Wicca for book discussion and a wand you will make in one of the classes. And other goodies along the way we’re sure, like candles and other ritual or magickal items. 

We will gather from 1-5pm 

Lecture, class, teaching and discussion 2 hours

Ritual 1 hour or so

Book discussion 30 mins or so. 

Questions and answer time allotted as well.

$50 deposit and 12 sessions at $50 pay as you go for a total of $650 - keep in mind there are over $175 worth of items included in this price. And nearly 50 hours of instruction and ritual etc.  Non-Refundable Deposit required to hold your space, call 845-255-5756.

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