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Welcome to The Awareness Shop

You have never seen such an amazing metaphysical shop before, so come on in for a spell

The StoreWelcome to our beautiful store, located in the vibrant college town of New Paltz, in the Mid Hudson Valley region of New York State. Nestling in the foothills of the Catskill Mountains and framed by the Shawangunk ridge, we are indeed fortunate to be surrounded by breathtakingly beautiful natural scenery - which, once seen, will never be forgotten.

As can be expected, a good many people come to visit the many attractions our area has to offer every day of every year. However, what you probably weren't expecting is... our store is one of them ! 

The Awareness Shop has established itself as something of a spiritual 'Mecca' over the many years it has been in existence, and now it is not uncommon for seekers to make their very own pilgrimage to find us... in some instances they have journeyed around the corner - in others, literally half-way around the world !

Within the walls of our quaint & unassuming store you will find a peaceful haven full of treasures that will set your heart aglow. We carry almost everything you can think of and definitely everything you need... be it herbs, oils, candles, incense, crystals, books, tarot and divinatory tools, ritual-ware & jewelry, statuary, magickal items & ritual tools... you'll find it all - in more colors, shapes & sizes than you can shake a stick at (Oh, and we carry them too... well, wands, staffs, staves, etc.)

So why not come on in for a spell ?....

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