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For February 2015


By Lisa

Lisa prepares her Tarotscopes by drawing a tarot card for each sign of the zodiac and, taking into account the coming astrological transits for the month ahead, meditates on each tarot card to receive a message for each star sign.

If you have never read your Tarotscope before, you may well be in for a surprise! We are constantly getting calls and emails at the store telling us how "this month's tarotscope could have been written just for me" or asking things like "how could you know?"


Tarotscopes for February 2015





We have gotten past Mid-Winter’s Day and are looking forward to the return of the light. As we move towards Imbolc we begin to see the days getting longer and if we pay attention we can feel the strengthening of the Sun. For many of us 2014 felt like a year-long Mercury retrograde, so it’s hard for me to have to remind you that Mercury will be retrograde in Aquarius from 1/21 – 2/11. This is the year of Mercury retrograde in the air signs and this could make for some rather thought provoking times.



To read your tarotscope, click on your star sign below or on the menu to the left...  Enjoy - and don't forget Lisa also does personal online Tarot Readings! - Click Here For Details. Or perhaps you have a burning question and would like simple compassionate advice.  You might want to check out Lisa's One Question $8 readings.  - Click here for details.






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