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Jhenah Telyndru -Riding the Silver Wheel


Riding the Silver Wheel: The Lunar Mysteries of Avalon
Jhenah's new book will be here just in time!

The Moon exerts great influence on the Earth and all who dwell upon it, setting the
rhythms of the ocean, guiding the patterns of growth and harvest, and overseeing the
cycles of fertility. A powerful bridge to the Divine Feminine, the Moon illuminates our

unconscious selves, serving as a mirror of our souls. Come explore empowering Moon-
centered practices of the Avalonian Tradition: learn about the 13 Lunar Keys of the

Avalonian Cycle of Revealing, experience the energies of the hidden Ninth phase of
the Moon, and discover how all women can use Arianrhod’s Wheel to chart their
monthly rhythms

12-6pm $125 ($25 Non-Refundable deposit required to hold your space) bag lunch included for those with no dietary restrictions. 845-255-5756
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