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Usui Reiki Training Level I ~ Class 1-4 The Chakras


Level I ~ Class 2 of 4 ~ The Chakra System. Aura & Color. The Emotional Attunement.

Class 1: What is Reiki and its history. Your lineage from Hawayo Takata. The Physical Attunement.
Class 2: The Chakra System. Aura & Color. The Emotional Attunement.
Class 3: Crystal Energy, The Rays & Psychic surgery. The Mental Attunement.
Class 4: Hand Placements & Self treatment. The Spiritual Attunement.
Pay As You Go - $30 due at sign-up then $30 per week for 4 wks = $150

Level I. Is all about self-healing. Over 4 sessions you truly get to know yourself on a deeper level. You may develop a stronger connection to the world around you, feel more at ease & able to cope with difficult situations. Some students experience a 'purging' at this time as negative energies or other retained ‘oogies’ are released; this can even manifest itself as a period of physical illness or rapidly changing emotions.

Reiki is taught in stages or degrees, accompanied by attunements. Each attunement brings about new cleansing and helps us to deal with our Karma. Reiki uses life force energy to heal the body, mind and spirit. It differs from other laying on of hands healing because of its use of
specific physical positions to apply the energy over and through the Chakra system. � Ultimately, Reiki will help you to know & love yourself on a deeper level.

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