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Herbs both Magickal & Medicinal ~*


Join Lisa for this 8 week series and awaken yourself to the language of Herbs. $300 total or you can pay a $60 deposit,
then $30 per session.

As usual a full color binder of fabulous information is included along with treats to eat and grow.

Week 1 - Herbal Medicine
Week 2 - The Moon Planting and Magick
Week 3 - Mercury Craft names for common Herbs
Week 4 - Venus Love, Money and Herbs
Week 5 - Mars The Physicians of Myddfai
Week 6 - Jupiter Alchemy
Week 7 - Saturn Poisonous Herbs and Wildcrafting
Week 8 - Flowers & Honey

Each week in addition to the topics listed we will over 10 herbs ruled by the planet we are working with, both magically and medicinally. We will learn to speak the language of herbs, potions, alchemy, aromatherapy, plant familiars...
A well known witch had this to say about the art of magick.
"Traditional witchcraft focuses extensively on the science of the craft. What is important to note here is how we use and define the word "science". The word Science has, like the word Witch, undergone some fundamental changes in meaning over time. It is important to know something about the history of this change."
Deposit required by May 6th
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