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Free Readings by Lisa & Anton


Once a month Live Tea Party with Lisa & Anton Stewart & sometimes one of the readers from the Awareness shop will make a guest appearance. Tune in and have your questions ready. We will cover tips for divination and offer guidance for at least an hour maybe more.

FAQ: Will you answer everyone, and how do I ask my question? In the hour we can usually get to 40 questions, sometimes if we are really packed we will stay a little longer, so it really depends on how many folks ask questions. To ask a question join us here on FB, or on our YouTube channel, ask your questions real time in the comments and we will answer them in the order they are received. Please note: Once the tea is over random questions asked can not be answered. Repeating your question every other comment might make us ignore you ;)

FAQ: How does this work? It has been our experience that whom ever shows up to join in for the evening seems to have a cosmic connection to what is being spoken about, a connection to other people's questions and answers and there always seems to be a theme that emerges to help everyone in the tea, even if we can not get to their question due to time constraints.

If you can't come to the monthly free session or you feel you need a more in-depth private consultation, please call 845 255 5756 We have 2-3 Psychics working every day and you can go to our website and check out their information.

Don't worry if you can't get in with Lisa or Anton, all the Psychics are interviewed by Lisa and have to read her in order to read for her. The Awareness Shop has been in business 28 years this year and is blessed to be able to work with so many caring esoteric people.
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