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New 12 Week Astrology Course


Learn the Esoteric Science of Western Astrology.
Astrology is the backbone of so many other Esoteric studies. If you want to work with Crystals, read the Tarot or do any Craft of the Wise spiritual working, a working knowledge of Astrology is the key to success.
In this 12 week course we will cover, The Planets, The Signs, The Planets in Signs, The Houses, Decadents, Aspects, Natal Chart Reading, Transits and Horoscope Writing. 4 Text books (over $100) are included in the price of the course which is $40 deposit and $30 per session for a total of $400 -You will get a lot of 1 on 1 from and as usual a binder filled with written lessons for you to refer to in class and use to do your astrology work for years to come.
For those who have taken the recent Astrology by Lisa (and you will be required to bring your text books).
This course is being offered at a discount of 50% off or $15 per session and $40 deposit to cover the new class printouts.
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