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Sound Bath a wonder-filled experience


Join us for a relaxing evening filled with wonderful waves of healing and harmony. There will be seated meditation and group energy work for the good of all.
7:30 -9pm $35 per person
Deposit required to hold your space. 845 255 5756

Sound-healing is an ancient practice. The relaxing musical toning predates Christianity and are scientifically linked to reductions in stress and anxiety.

Imagine the void. It is profoundly empty and full at the same time. A paradox. Then you hear a very subtle hum. The sound becomes a song and it begins to create light particles, the light particles begin to magnetize towards each other. Light particles that were once frequencies smash into each other in a wave of dance, a dance of sacred geometry and matter appears out of the void.

Many cultures have creation myths where the world was “sung” into being, thus we are created from this song and will return to the primordial sound of creation. A mythology that says vibration underlies all creation.

The Healing Power of Sound awakens the chakras and illness as a manifestation of “dis”harmony then can not exits. Thus, the singing bowls, with their resonant tones, access to the “cosmic symphony,” restoring harmony within the body.

There is research being done on the different effects that sound frequencies have for our well-being and spiritual growth. Sound researchers have found that after a period of time listening to certain types of music and sound vibrations, the parasympathetic nervous system in our bodies gives our organs and cells the, “just relax,” message. Those of you who have taken the Chakra Crystal Energy Clinician course will understand this.
In turn, this lowers our blood pressure, respiration and heart rates which leads to a great reduction of stress and its accompanying hormones like cortisol and epinephrine. These hormones, in excess, lead to degeneration of the body’s vital systems.
The brain begins to synchronize and drop into the alpha/theta brain wave states, producing reduced anxiety levels, lowering blood pressure, creating an increase in immune cell messengers and a boost in natural opiates, called endorphins. The body’s natural pain killers are released.

Sound therapies can be helpful in for many different issues, birthing stress, death and dying experiences, chronic pain , creative and artistic inspiration, spiritual growth and much more.

Alex creates a nurturing space and invites us to connect to our deepest self using sound, energy work and meditation. She has developed a deep connection to the earth by trekking mountains across the world, hiking local trails, practicing earth living skills and working with medicinal herbs. Alex is passionate about how different cultures use sound to heal and help process emotional, spiritual and physical challenges. She creates soundscapes that incorporate nature elements and indigenous instruments to facilitate self healing.

Alex is a sound practitioner as well as a licensed wilderness guide. She has spent time in Nepal and Japan to develop her practice and has over 7 years experience in Soto Zen meditation. Alex offers individual as well as group sound sessions, she also leads retreats that focus on nature connection and mindfulness, encouraging a sustainable approach to living with nature.
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