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Tonight - Mystery & Magic of the Mabinogi


Right now this class is Booked and we are taking names for the waiting list. If it works out to be nice weather and we can be outside we can fit loads more folks so please call asap 845 255 5756

The Branches of Wisdom
Divinity, Mystery & Magic of the Mabinogi

Join Druid Kristoffer Hughes to climb into the Branches of the Celtic World Tree, and there to discover the mysteries hid within the 4 Branches of the Mabinogi. Kristoffer will take you on a journey to discover the roots of the Tree and the story of its seeding and growing, it's Trunk in the present world and how its Branches of expression are influencing and inspiring modern Pagan practice. On this journey you will learn the function of Celtic mythology, identify the Pantheon of Gods that live upon the Tree, discover the function of magical allies, and explore the role of magic in the Celtic mysteries and the function of the Otherworld - Annwfn.
Combining scholarship, history, vision and inspiration Kristoffer will demonstrate how these tales are not literary relics, but living mythological landscapes that we can all access. The Mabinogi is more than just a tale, it is a living Tree of divinity, mystery and magic.
Come and join Kristoffer for this evening of Celtic exploration $20. These seats will go very quickly so please call soon 845 255 5756.
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