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Ashley Mortimer to Visit New Paltz


Join Ashley Mortimer from The Doreen Valiente Foundation for
several wonderful events. Please call 845 255 5756 to make your reservations

Friday 9/13 Hazel Full moon. Roots Raise Reach and Ritual ~* Join Ashley as he leads is thru daily practice exercises, a grounding and opening of energy centers and a bit of lesser banishing ritual thrown in. 7-9pm $25 per person.

Sat 9/14 Join Ashley Mortimer forA day about The Craft of the Wise and You 12:30-5pm $75 ($25 non-refundable deposit required upon sign up) General talk on the history of paganism, "Wicca: Ancient Beliefs, Modern Practices" which starts 300,000 years ago looking to pick up threads of what we do today . . . it touches on Gerald Gardiner & Doreen Valiente and describes a little bit about modern Wicca, beliefs Intermission and refreshments "First Steps on the Path" - a practical workshop on the first bits of a journey into the Craft focusing on self-development and seeing the world through a "witchy" lens

Sun 9/15 12:30-5pm $75 ($25 non-refundable deposit required upon sign up) Join Ashley Mortimer for "Wicca: The Rise of A Modern religion" A discussion about Gerald Gardiner and Doreen Valiente Intermission and refreshments Then Gerald's "Book of Shadows" - an in-depth look at the rituals that Gerald Gardiner recorded, their origins, how and why they work etc - this is the one that some might say breaks the oaths, but how it does not is actually part of the talk.

Wed 9/18 Music & Entertainment in the Bardic Spirit. $30 ($10 non-refundable deposit required upon sign up) More about the presenter: Nottingham's Ashley Mortimer is a director of The Centre For Pagan Studies, a trustee of the Doreen Valiente Foundation and Esoteric Heritage. A representative of a number of pagan organisations and is well known as a spokesman on paganism and witchcraft in the media.Ashley is an initiated High Priest of the old religion, the Wica, tracing his initiatory lineage back to Gerald Gardner but he has led an ecclectic life and spiritual journey crossing many traditions and paths. He is an occasional writer, even more occasional musician and a prolific contributor to many different Pagan events and interests. He gives talks and lectures on the origins of Paganism, the history of Wicca/Witchcraft and its modern practices and meaning. Ashley approaches ceremony and ritual with an ecclectic and pragmatic outlook underpinned with what he hopes is common sense and a warm (but sometimes groan-worthy!) humour.
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