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Spell Boxes and Spellwork


There are many components to good spells.
Some believe it’s all in the timing or the length of time spent, others believe in the props exclusively, while some look to the words, the chants or incantations. To me, intent is the biggest player in a good spell, but of course there are a lot of other components.
There are a lot of great books out there about crystals and herbs that can help with learning correspondences. But remember to see if it makes sense to you and if you feel that it will do the trick ;)
Use your common sense…and your not so common sense.
Using a spell box is kinda like getting all your ingredients out to make a cake. Choose the kind of spell you are doing and fill in the sheet.
We will be crafting our boxes and discussing uses. Box, craft paints and 11 page booklet included. $30
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