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Raising Power - Craft of the Wise


Coming Home to the Craft of the Wise
“Not your get Witch Quick Course”

Raising Power

We will be gathering the Last Sunday of every month Starting 10/27/2019 and the course will finish a year and a day later 10/29/2020 with a dedication to Cerridwen and Cernunnos

Included as part of the course are: A robe with a matching pouch, an athame, a cord, a Book of Shadows, handouts for each gathering, Circle in a Box for those who do not already have it, The Heart of Wicca for book discussion and a wand you will make in one of the classes. And other goodies along the way we’re sure, like candles and other ritual or magickal items.

We will gather from 1-5pm
Lecture, class, teaching and discussion 2 hours
Ritual 1 hour or so
Book discussion 30 mins or so.
Questions and answer time allotted as well.

$50 deposit and 12 sessions at $50 pay as you go for a total of $650 - keep in mind there are over $175 worth of items included in this price. And nearly 50 hours of instruction and ritual etc.

10/27 – The History, Our History, Our Tradition – now your tradition. Awen Ritual

11/24 – The Wheel of the Year as we know it. Seed to Blossom ritual

12/29 - The Mabinogi and our Gods and Goddess’ - Meet Cerridwen and Cernunnos

1/26 – The Moon and the Ogham – A journey to the trees

2/23 – The Elements, Elementals and Watchtowers – Find your hidden helpers

3/29 – Magickal Timing, The basics of Astrology and Spell Casting

4/26 – The tools of the Craft – Your Cord and Cord Magick

5/31 - More about Magick – Cyphers, Raising Energy, Chakras, Crystals, Chanting and more.

6/28 – Wand Making, hands on - and Ritual Consecration

7/26 – All about Divination, Tarot, Runes, Scrying, Pendulums etc… Group Divination Ritual

8/30 – Kitchen Witchen and Hearth Magick – How to live a magickal life – Herbs and incense making – Food as Magick ritual

9/27 – Choosing a Magickal Name and Ritual Writing – More about Ethics, protocols and vocabulary. Cleanse and Clear for dedication ritual

10/29 7pm – Dedication ritual – No charge for this gathering - do not be late!

About The teachers

Someone asked, "So what gives you the right to counsel people in the craft?"
I am guessing my bio was not clear enough about my experience or intention.

So, not to be stinky, or arrogant...this really is not coming from ego.
This is just a list of facts, a resume if you will.
As of January 2017 I have been on this path 30 years.
Between here and the UK...I have led, (coached), and/or attended over 650 Public circles.
Of course, Anton and I work privately too, so that number easily doubles to 1300 circles.
I roughly (to the low side) figured out I have done over 30,000 readings, in person or by phone.
This is not counting any online sessions, or my monthly Tarotscopes (which I have been writing since 1998). Nor any free advice I may have divined for friends and family. So I’ve got the divination thing :)

I have owned the Shop since 1993 - this offers a way to stay in the craft energy daily.
I have taught classes and workshops on over 30 different esoteric subjects, from Wicca, Chakras and Crystals, Reiki, Astrology, Shamanism, Herbs, Tarot and loads more...just ask the familiars, many of them have personal libraries by now of handouts from my classes.

I have worked very hard most of my adult life to help others and to learn and to teach, and I am still learning everyday. Please join my FB group "Ask a Witch Mother", which offers counsel to people for free, whom otherwise may not have access to someone with this level of experience and knowledge. I agree that sometimes there may be questions that cannot be answered here in a public forum, and I may suggest a reading or a class to help the person gain a closer understanding about what they are asking. I didn't just take one class or cast one circle and proclaim I am a High Priestess (nor a Witch for that matter). 30 Years I have walked the walk. It has taken me a very long time to get to this place.
So, this is what I feel gives me the right to counsel witches.
Blessed Be *)O(*
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