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Women's Empowerment Gathering


Now, more than ever women need to come together to express themselves, to be listened to and to be heard.
We'll play it by ear - and if we are able to gather, we will go back to the unperson format.

Ancient women did laundry together at the lake. It was a communal activity that allowed them access to the wise counsel of other caring women.

Bring yourselves, but not your ‘laundry’, to the annex at The Awareness Shop. Share your sorrows, your joys, your hopes and your wisdom with a group of women dedicated to your well being, your satisfaction and your success.

For three hours from 1-3pm the first Saturday of every month. We will study and exchange ideas and information, about such topics as: Psychic Development, Personal Mythology, Dream Interpretation, Goddess Traditions and suggestions for healthy living.

Women only - come join us at the ‘lake’. $15 per session, please call to reserve your space, 845-255-5756.
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