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Class 2 for Past Reiki Master Teachers


New! Reiki Master Teachers Manual and extra symbols
Tuesdays 12/5/17 through 12/26/17

Open only to those who have already taken their Reiki Masters Teacher Classes with us~* A great way to get bck in touch with your Reiki training and/or hone your skills for teaching.

Reiki Level III -New Master Teachers Manual & 4 Classes
4 classes & Master Teacher Manual - $100 total for all 4 classes and the manual.

Class 1: Reiki Master's Symbol. Dia ko myo. The Water Ceremony.

Class 2: Distance Healing. Reiki Grids. Om Symbol.

Class 3: The Reiki Master Teacher's Manual

Class 4: How to teach others Reiki. Most importantly, you will learn how to attune.
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