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Astrology Class 6 with Lisa


Astrology Class with Lisa
Thursday Nights 7-9:30 Starting 1/11/18 through 2/22/18

Have you ever wondered how horoscopes are written, or how you could have 3 Cancerian friends and they could all look and be so different, or even how twins could have such different personalities?

Have you been interested in learning about esoteric subjects like Magick, the Tarot, Chakras and Crystals and found out that Astrology is a common ground work for all of them?

This 7 week course will give you a good working knowledge of Astrology and you may even learn a lot about yourself.

We will go from beginners to being able to write horoscopes and interpret natal charts. You should plan on making it to each class as one builds on the next.

Week 1 Planets with homework
Week 2 Signs with homework
Week 3 Houses and Decadants – with homework
Week 4 Aspects – more homework
Week 5 Vocabulary & Chart Reading with homework
Week 6 Transits and homework
Week 7 Writing Horoscopes
Don't worry if we have a snow day, we will just move along to the next week I have allowed 2 Thursdays as grace just incase.

4 text books are included in the class along with the usual typed notes from our lessons. A $50 non-refundable deposit is required upon sign up to hold your spot and place orders for materials. Then each of the 7 sessions are $50. This class is limited to 12 people, so Lisa can work with each person more closely. Sign up soon or you might have to wait for the next round. Total for the Course is $400 (this includes over $100 in books)
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