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Alban Elfed - by invitation only


You are most welcome to come to our Celtic Wiccan circles. Seats are limited so you must call ahead. Circles begin promptly at 7pm and late comers will not be admitted. No one under 18 is permitted unless accompanied by their parent or guardian. If bringing a child please inform us when reserving your seats. Once given a seat, if your plans change and you can't make it please let us know so we can give your seat to the next person on the waiting list. Photography is not permitted and smoking is not allowed anywhere on our property. Cell phones must be on silent.

What happens at Circle:
We smudge and bless
Call the Directions
Cast the Circle
Call the God & Goddess
Call in the Trees
Chalice & Blade
The energy of the evening.
For Esbats - This can be, magick, a craft, a teaching or even healing work.
For Sabbats - we work to turn the Wheel.
Have Cakes & Ale
Give thanks and open the circle

Sometimes we pass the talking stick or drum, chant and sing.

We are limited to 20 spaces in bad weather and we may have to turn some people away. Photography is not permitted as some of our congregation are in the "broom closet" owing to the nature of their jobs, yet still deserve a safe place to worship. Circles start promptly at 7PM and on occasion can go as late as 10PM.

There is no dress code, some wear robes and some don't, but no sky-clads please. :)

Children are normally welcome with a parent or guardian attending but at times we have quiet meditations that are not suitable for children so please call ahead for more information.

(845) 857 8888

The Church of The Eternal Circle
180 Main Street
New Paltz, NY 12561
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