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Alban Elfed - Mabon


Merry Meet,
We are a Celtic Wiccan Fellowship, based in New Paltz NY. Following The Stewart Tradition, steeped in the Welsh Mysteries and honoring the Celtic Lunar Zodiac.

We offer a welcoming safe and sacred space for community to gather, honor and celebrate our Pagan Holy Days.

We seek to educate, inspire and involve our community, in order to promote spiritual growth and preserve the craft of the wise.

If you'd like to attend, here is how you do so:
Choose a date that fits your schedule, call us and reserve your space. 845 255 5756 min. $5 suggested donation

We are limited to 25 spaces in bad weather and we may have to turn some people away.
All circles begin promptly at 7pm. If you are late you will not be let in until cakes and ale or possibly not at all. No exceptions will be made so do not disrespect our circle by knocking. Circles run from 7pm and can run as late as 10pm, you should plan to be there for the entire duration of the ritual.
No one under 18 may attend without a parent or legal guardian and the child must have supervision throughout the entire ritual. To be very clear you may not drop off your children.
If you think you can’t make it once you have signed up, please call so we may give your space to someone else. No call and no show means we won’t let you sign up again. You will have to take your chances on the night of the ritual and we may not have room or supplies to accommodate you.
We do not allow cameras as some people are in the broom closet and deserve a safe place to worship. Cell phones must be set on vibrate during circle so only you are disturbed.
There is no dress code, some people choose to wear robes, but no sky-clads please.

Other information:

For over 20 years we have held teaching circles for the Sabbats and many Esbats. All of our gatherings are presented from a traditional Wiccan perspective and honor a Celtic Pantheon. We are located at 180 Main St in New Paltz NY behind The Awareness Shop.

In March 2008 our Circle was officially recognized as a church in New York State and has since gone on to achieve Federal recognition by attaining 501[c](3) status.

Our membership is growing all the time and we would love to welcome you into our circle. Whether you are a 'crusty old witch', a solitary looking for a group or are completely new to the path, we invite you to join our gatherings and share in our magickal energy.

As preservers of the path, we are dedicated to growing our Priesthood from within our congregation through many years of dedication and handwork.

As a non-profit organization, we are entirely dependent upon charitable support. Please help keep our church growing by making a donation, it doesn't matter how small, every dollar helps - Thank you!
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Our mission is to provide a safe and sacred space for worship for those espousing a religious philosophy known as Wicca.
To train and ordain clergy in order to provide spiritual counseling, marriage services, funeral rites, and other rites of passage to our members and others who are in need of such services.
To perform charitable works including, but not limited to, the collection of goods, funds and services for those who are spiritually, socially, economically or physically disadvantaged.
You are most welcome to come to our open circle gatherings.
But, again you must call ahead for a seat as they are limited at this time 845 255 5756.
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