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Transpersonal Tarot Counseling with Jhenah


Thurs. & Fri. 12-5pm Sessions are $50 1/2 hour $90 Hour. ($25 non refundable deposit due upon sign up, the rest owed at time of reading)
Jhenah is pleased to offer transformational readings that combine ancient wisdoms with modern depth psychology techniques. This holistic approach addresses the foundations of your life path, examines the intricacies of your present situation and considers the ultimate expression of your personal potential in this lifetime. She has been working with tarot for over 25 years, and has been a professional tarot counselor for more than a decade. Branching out from the tarot, Jhenah is the creator of The Avalonian Oracle and has written the companion book for the divinatory system published by Schiffer Publishing in 2016.
Jhenah specializes in tarot counseling sessions, life path readings, insights into karmic situations, past-life influences, archetypal dream interpretation and personal profiles from a transpersonal perspective. Space is limited so be sure to call and reserve yours 845-255-5756.
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