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A Subscription to A Magickal Year Full Moons Only

Make your commitment to a Magickal Way of Life. Work with the Full Moons energy. Honor the Old Ways and Learn as you Walk The Path, with our simple, innovative & affordable Monthly Subscription.
Get started by personalizing your Book of Shadows and selecting whether you wish to receive Circle In A Box at a 50% discount.

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For many years now, Lisa and the Familiars have put together spell kits that work with the energies being offered from each Full Moon. These have become much loved and highly anticipated Magickal Workings, especially by those who do not live close by and cannot make it to our Friday night Sabbats and Esbats.

This year as we turn the wheel we are offering monthly kits again, but not only the Full Moons, this turning we are also offering the Sabbats and information for the Celtic Lunar Zodiac's Tree Lunations and introducing the Wlesh names and meanings of the Sabbats for you to gain a greater connection to the work we do here at the Church of the Eternal Circle - AKA The Stewart Tradition. 

Full Moons Only 12 kits per year - $20 per month* Each month you will receive another beautiful spell kit developed specifically for the astrological energies being offered by the upcoming Full Moon, together with full instructions for your own magickal working to honor the Esbat. Plus Celtic Tree Lunation information

No registration fee is required to get you started, we will provide you with your very own, personalized Book of Shadows, containing information and excerpts from Lisa’s forthcoming book, Wicca by Sun. Moon & Stars. 

We also offer a Full Magickal year subscription which includes the 8 Sabbat Celebrations (for details click here)

Lisa strongly recommends using “Circle In A Box” as the musical backdrop for your magickal workings. This beautiful and profoundly moving album will transport you to a place between the worlds where a magickal circle is built right around you. As a special bonus, you can buy the album for just $10 (half-price) when you sign up. Shipping is free. There is no minimum commitment and you can cancel your subscription at any time.*

*Plus Sales Tax where applicable. Paypal or Credit Card required. Cards will be charged and kits shipped on the 20th of each month. If you prefer to pay cash and collect your kit(s) each month, you may do so. Kits will available for pick-up from the 15th of each month until close of business on the 19th. If you do not collect your kit(s) in this time, your Credit Card will be charged and your kit(s) mailed to you on the 20th. Subscriptions cancellations must be received by the 5th in order to be effective that month. If received after this date, your cancellation will not take effect until the following month and your card will be charged & kit(s) shipped as normal.

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