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Chakra Crystal Energy Clinician - Module 8

Module 8 of the Chakra Crystal Energy Clinician™ Certification Course. (Course Registration & Preceding Modules Required to purchase this module)

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This is module 8 of a 16 module course. Please note that you must be registered on the course and have obtained the preceding module(s) in order to purchase this module. If you are not already registered on the course and/or have not yet ordered the preceding module(s), please add the required items to your cart.

PLEASE NOTE* If you do not meet these requirements, your order will be cancelled.

Become a Certified Chakra Energy Clinician™

This intensive course, facilitated by Lisa, is split into 16 modules:

Module 1 - The Kundalini, Ida Pingala and Sushumna - Ayurvedic Nutrition and Base Chakra

Module 2 - Native American Lore for Healing - The 7 minerals of the body Spleen Chakra

Module 3 - Astral Travel and meditation the 10 Pranas Solar Plexus

Module 4 - The 7 Emotions, emotional to physical Heart Chakra

Module 5 - The Breath of Bramha – The Age of Aquarius Throat Chakra

Module 6 - The 7 planets and your chakra natal chart and astrology practical – 3rd eye Chakra

Module 7 - Soul Star, Earth Star, Alchemy and the Middle Pillar Crown Chakra

Module 8 - The 7 Base Chakra Gemstones, We are Star dust, rock types, cleavage and some numerology.

Modue 9 - The 7 Spleen Chakra Gemstones - Holistic Healing with Gemstones, Planets, Aura and some more Alchemy

Module 10 - The 7 Solar Plexus Gemstones - Medical Astrology, How to receive energy from the crystals.

Module 11 - The 7 Heart Charka Gemstones – Programming and care, elixirs, baths and magick.

Module 12 - The 7 Throat Chakra Gemstones – Pigments and Color therapy

Module 13 - The 7 Third Eye Gemstones – Sacred geometry, Grids and laying on of stones

Module 14 - The 7 Crown Chakra Stones – Awaken your intuition, Divination with gemstones, and Crystal healing vibrations

Module 15 - Clear Quartz – You will receive 16 assorted clear quartz points to go over very carefully as we learn about their gifts.

Module 16 - The Crystal Chart – how to and practical work – Certification Exam

Over the duration of the course you receive more than $300 worth of crystals, access to guided meditations and a dedicated forum for you to ask questions of your teacher.

Each one of the modules comes with detailed notes which combine to make a 327 page reference guide for your Chakra Crystal Energy Therapy work.

You can work at your own pace, but you must complete the modules in order as each one builds on the lessons of the preceding module.

Course registration is just $50 and each module is priced at only $40, making the course affordable even for those on a tight budget.

There is no charge for the final exam (Module 16), but you are not eligible to take this until you have completed all the other modules.

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