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Online Psychic Reading

Personal Online Psychic Reading conducted by Lisa and delivered as an MP3 file and Digital Photograph of the Tarot Spread

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Personal Online Psychic Reading conducted by Lisa and delivered as an MP3 file and Digital Photograph of the Tarot Spread
As you probably know The Awareness Shop offers Psychic Consultations daily during shop hours, so even if you live far away you can still call in and have a reading over the phone. Now that our client base has grown far and wide, many people who would love to call in would have to do so in the middle of the night, or just can’t be available during shop reading hours, also our customers have told us they would love to have a recording of their reading... so... Lisa the shop owner and professional Psychic for over 22 years is now offering readings online.
This way you can get a reading no matter where you live or how hectic your schedule... plus you get a permanent record of your reading so you can go back and refer to it as often as needed.

Here's how it works:
First think about the question or concerns on which you wish Lisa to focus while doing your reading.  It is important to Lisa that you to make the most of your time with her, this is why she asks for a focus. Sometimes you may have very specific questions and other times you might just feel you need some information in general. You can either list questions or make a statement such as the issue is work/career or romance and relationships or health, you choose the areas of your life that you would like Lisa to be mindful of as she divines your information.
If you have specific questions or concerns upon which you would like Lisa to focus, please be sure to include these in the Customer Notes box at the Order Confirmation step of the checkout process.

Even if you have no specific questions a reading can be a very helpful tool to making the best of opportunities or challenges.

The Reading:
Following completion of your order, Lisa will schedule a time to perform your personal reading within the next 72 hours. The reading will be recorded as an MP3 file, and a digital photograph will also be taken of the spread.  These will then be sent to you by e-mail within 48 hours of completion of the reading.
It is not possible to be specific as to how long your particular reading will be, as this will vary according to the amount of information available, but it is generally not less than 25 mins or longer than 40mins.
If this indepth reading is not what you are seeking, and you have only one focus or need a quick brief answer please look at the mini 3 card spread available for just $10!  Click here for more information.

Testimonials for the Online Readings...

"Hi Lisa,
I just wanted to say thank you so much for my reading. I was a little skeptical about having one online but I must say that what you got from the cards was incredibly accurate. I am so glad that I went ahead and got the reading as I have been meaning to get an appointment with you, as I have felt drawn to you for some time.
Have a truly wonderful and blessed day.
Love and light"

First my many thanks for my reading, I received it& it was clear and easy to open (no problems). Also thank you for offering this at a lower price, other wise I probable would not have send in my request.
Your insight was very helpful & brings me some peace (can't say it will last).
I'm unable to find any shops like yours, so I'm a bit stuck on doing readings. I just wanted to let you know you are right on on many things
Again my deepest thanks for your time & energy,
many blessing to you & yours."

"A dear friend of mine mentioned the Awareness Shop to me several months ago. I had been considering another intuitive/psychic reading for some time. I am relatively new to the intuitive world but about five years ago I started investigating intuitive/psychic/metaphysical-spiritual world(s) during the start of a rather difficult time period for me.

Although I would love to come to the Awareness Shop unfortunately, at the moment, it is not possible, as I live across the country. Although I have had intuitive readings in my current city, I was feeling that the gifted guide I was dealing with presently had gotten to know me on a personal level too well. For this reason, I was in search of a new intuitive/metaphysical place. There are many opportunities out there but it is hard to know which are a reputable place and an economical place.

I would like to encourage anyone to give the online reading to try. I like it for several reasons. The positives of the readings are as follows:

1.    You actually have the opportunity to hear Lisa's voice as she does your reading.
2.    You can actually save the reading to your computer and listen to it and refer back to it as many times as you would like.
3.    Since she gives you a digital picture of your Tarot Cards you can definitely look at how the cards were drawn. For myself, I am relatively new to this world so I'm not familiar with the cards that were drawn but I do find looking at them to be fascinating.
4.    As a person that tends to be inquisitive and asked many questions during her personal reading, I kind of like the fact that I could not/did not have the opportunity to interrupt and waste valuable time for my session, my reader, or myself. I was, please however, that I was able to ask specific questions that had been weighing heavily on my mind because you can ask specific questions during the checkout process in the “Comment Section”.
5.    Navigating the website and purchasing online was relatively easy even of for a low-tech person such as me.

I must say, I was pleased to have a positive reading and feel very hopeful about the future. Like many, the last several years have been tremendously difficult and I was so happy to hear that wonderful, positive opportunities will become in my direction in the very near future."

Monday, 02 January 2012
wow! lisa, your accuracy is truly amazing! some of what you had to say was not what i wanted to hear, but you did it in such a compassionate way that it softened the blow. thank you for that. because of this reading i was able to make some important changes for the better. i\'m so glad i got my reading. i look forward to more in the future.
Heidi Lee
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