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Taurus Full Moon Spell


Taurus Full Moon Spell – Manifest Prosperity


This full moon will be happening Sunday Nov. 17th 10:16 am


What you will need:
A bowl for your sea salt
A candleholder for your Taurus Candle
A Cone burner (you can fashion one out of aluminum foil)
A dish of water
A pen


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What to do:
Set your sacred space as you usually would.
Be still for a few minuets and focus on prosperity. Allow yourself to connect psychically to money, allow yourself to believe you are connecting to prosperity.
By this I mean think about being comfortable. Having enough money to pay your bills on time. Having money to treat yourself or friends well. I know we joke about winning the lottery, but someone has to . But Taurus energy is a bit less whimsical and is more ready to accept practical prosperity. Taurus has money to afford some of the finer things, but is not wasteful or inclined to overspend, especially on something that is not worth the price.
Ok, now that you have read all this, focus again on some things you would like to gain.
Is there something that stands out to you like a bill that you really want to get off your back or a special thing you have been wishing to purchase?


Place you hands into the bowl of salt – or pick some up and rub it in your hand while you say “Great ones – Energies of Earth help me know what I am worth”
Imagine you are now connecting to prosperity and charging up the salt.


Now light the incense – let some of the smoke billow around you – let it begin to call in energies of prosperity – Let the Energy of Air allow you to believe in your ability to draw money and wealth to you. Feel it all around you - Know you are worthy.

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